Hello, I imported screen and it is not open

When from another screen, I call to open the imported screen, it says error 902.
what to do from it untill resolving the problem?
the package name also isn’t correct…

my correct packge name is:

are you sure your screen name is correct?
do you have any blocks to show

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Show your blocks

This is just your package name and nothing else

File structure in your apk is still this :point_up_2:


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my screen in companion works, and install it doesnt works

maybe this will help

@Boban you are everywhere (:

I cant use custom package name at all?

Now I see why



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You have to manually change in your aia


I think imported screen made with earlier versions of Kodular or something, so your app can’t know the imported screen.

Can you try with empty new screen?

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and what can I change manually in the aia?

emty new screen always works

Then as I said, the imported screen may have problems, you can move your blocks from imported screen to a new screen:

  1. Before everything, backup your project by downloading AIA.
  2. Clear your backpack by right-click menu.
  3. Copy all blocks to backpack in the imported screen.
  4. Delete the imported screen.
  5. Create a new screen and paste all blocks from the backpack.

Change this the package name?

i unzipped the ais file

You can edit but I don’t know if it causes any problems when importing it.

lets try it

However, components will not be copied

Can’t bear to explain, PM me your aia so I can fix it for you or search in community


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Oh yes, I forgot it :man_facepalming: :confused:


In companion it works
now i check in install

ok in install it doesnt works
i will remove the pacage name

Is there any other way besides copying the code?

It will be solved by changing imported screen name…