Imported screen not found error: 902

Hello kodars
I have a problem in my app. I have imported a screen to my existing project. After import it is working good in companion mode but when I export into apk than it shows error:902… Please help me. I have searched in the community about this topic,there is no any such working solution.

Refer :point_down: seems similar issue if it works in companion

yes it will work in this way but this will need to create a new project after editing of the error project.

First download aia, open archive with 7zip and see if this is the case

yes i have download the aia than zip the aia and than check whether the screen is importing or not. screens importing good but not in the current project name it is importing as old project name from which i have imported the screens. and i think this is because my project is approved by kodular with two screen so when i tries to import more than three screens than it is not working. Upto two screen it imported as it should. Any suggestion please.

If you wish post here or pm me your aia to give it a look