Error 902 : screen not found (and after correction, not a valid aia file error in kodular)

Hi, there everyone. Here I am again with a problem that is making me crazy today.
I imported a screen to my project and since then I am getting this error when I try to open that screen with the apk installed:

Searching I found a way to solve the problem here:

The problem is that when I made the changes and try to import the project back to Kodular I am getting this error:
It is very urgent to me to solve this problem today, so I will be very grateful if someone can help me.

To be able to move the files inside the aia file I changed the extension of the file from .aia to .zip, then I extracted the content of the .zipfile to a folder and moved the files from the folder src\io\kodular\pabloandroid2012\baugadoCantinaSideneiaeCesar to the folder src\io\kodular\pabloandroid2012\UsuarioCantinaSideneiaeCesar and then deleted baugadoCantinaSideneiaeCesar folder.
After this I converted the folder to .zip again and then I renamed the file from .zip to .aia and tried to export the new .aia to kodular. That was when I got the error in the screenshot

Edit 2: This is the aia file, if someone can try for me I will be thankful
UsuarioCantinaSideneiaeCesar.aia (815,6,KB)

You were still doing something wrong

Yes, but I can’t imagine what. i just posted a new coment.
I will update the main post with the aia file. If you can try for me I will be very grateful

Post the aia and I will look into it

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Already done. Thanks a lot, Boban!

UsuarioCantinaSideneiaeCesar.aia (815.5 KB)

NOTE: I just reuploaded the project so please redownload it again as I’ve also fixed the project colors

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It worked, Boban, thank you.
I don’t know what I made wrong but anyway you saved me one more time. Very, very thank you

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