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I am making a project from last 2 days but I am not able to use my project because my project import screen ais of another one pls someone solve it.

I accidentally imported this screen “Import3435E4” but now I can’t solve the problem, can someone please remove this screen?


Download your aia

Use 7zip or Winrar and just open your aia, go to the specific screen and delete it, both bky and scm file

Close 7zip or winrar

Upload your modified aia to kodular

Zip viewer is showing this file is curropt, which one you gave me.

I somehow can’t download this aia

No, you are trying to build a APK

Yes, I’m trying to download the apk file but when I try to download it’s like this or it can’t export aia, ais.

it will export into aia , no issue… But APK conversion ony will do problem to you due to corrupt file…

yes i am able to export aia now what to do next?

Upload here, so someone can solve it…

I managed to export the aia file and downloaded the 7zip apk, what should I do next?

I am hoping you to solve my problem very quickly, I am waiting for you :blush:

I can’t do this

Can you please resolve this for me?

In all the imported screens, you have failed to upload the extensions used in that aia so the problem caused… Now i have deleted all the imported screesns and now working… Better upload the extensions used in that Uploaded screen into your aia then check up. Resized your image from !.5MB to 100kb…

EDIT: Check this
rony.aia (1.1 MB)

Now you can upload fresh aia in this aia with above said criteria


Two screens must be removed because , Kodular unable to find the such player shown in your error report

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Here you have a working onerony.aia (2.3 MB)

P.S. I haven’t deleted anything from it, all screen are fixed


Thank you from my heart, because I have been struggling for 2 days, thank you for your help. :heart_eyes::blush:

Thanks You - @Still-learning :heart_eyes:

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