Cannot copy imported screens

Hi there!

May I know why this problem: Server error: could not copy form. Please try again later! exist when I copy the imported screen.

Besides, after I installed the apk on mobile, I cannot navigate to the imported screen indicating Error 902: Screen not found. I’ve researched for a while, but I cannot resolve it.

Could you suggest a way to resolve it? Thanks a lot!

it sometimes happen please try again

I’ve tried since yesterday, but it still doesn’t work

then it might be a server problem for kodular

@Kodular could you help please :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

That might be an internet related issue too

maybe it can

No… It is still not working…

is the ais file made in kodular or mit app inventor

It is the ais file made in kodular

then i am sorry i dont what is happening

ok import ais of one screen then ais of other screens then it works

The error itself speaks it is a SERVER ERROR

btw, can you show your blocks

show the blocks of screen

i’m getting same error