Im unable to shift from mit

I updated the aia file then i updated keystore but im not able to update in playstore it says package name different

See here for how to change your package name:

The next release will also allow you to change the package name from a designer property.

thanks let me go through is it applicable to app inventor too ?


Import your app normally (without the ai_ at the start). Then once it’s imported, press “Save Project As” in the file menu at the top.

worked but when i try to install in my mobile its installs but app is not seen and unable to open but its in applications list

Can you share the APK here?

The ai_ doesn’t work when you use “Save Project As”

Then what should we do

And when i use ai_ in save project as the install apk in mobile it doesnt work

For next version we have added the Custom PackageName property, that allows you to set your own package name :wink:

Release Date: Tomorrow