Maybe there is a problem with importing keystore?

I move AIA file from app inventor to makeroid in order to compile it from makeroid and publish it on google play.
I took the keystore from AI2 and import it to makeroid and also i placed the correct package name into the project.
but when i try to upload APK to console i get the certificate error that something is wrong with my key:
You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate.
and the previous versoin was uploded from AI2 for sure, i didnt changed keystore in there.
Am I missing something?

Did you import keystore before uploading AIA? That could be it. Also, maybe you signed up for Google App Signing? That could cause problems (though personally, GAS works great and without a hitch here)

so you saying i need to delete the project and upload AIA again and then apply the key on it.
i made also a “save as” on the project it can cause problems too?
thanks for the answer

when I try to update APK on the phone i get this message:
An existing package with the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.

Yes, you need to remove the project, import keystore, and retry. If that gives you the error on your phone, skip the next two paragraphs.

First off, it’s good news that the package name is the same. You need it to be if you want to update it on Play Store.

If you sign up for GAS, Google keeps your keystore in the Cloud and your APKs are uploaded with a separate key. If you are unable to update the APK on Play Store, you probably are using a different account/device.

About the conflicting signature… That’s probably caused because the app on your phone was installed from Play Store? And after installing the app from Play Store, you can’t install the Direct APK unless you uninstall first.

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hi Kanishka thank you for your help.
I tried what you suggest and was struggling thinking this is the problem but it was something else.
apparently I compiled APK through AppToMarket and also I generate the keystore and it was a long time ago, thank God I remembered I used it.
if someone has the same problem you can download keystore from appToMarket easly and import it to makeroid or AI2.

please give me your email id because i face like this problem but nobody help me.

Easy to miss things sometimes but where have you requested help on this.


my problem that all app when i upade in play console than show me error mismatch your certificate . even i have no change in my app and not export to what happend with me i donot know?

And you are absolutely sure,

  • That you have uploaded the app from one and the same builder
  • You haven’t accidentally deleted the keystore or so

As previous users remember in the end that he used another program to sign his app


No i am sure that i have nothing do with any problem not only one its problem to all three published app on play store.

Sorry I have no idea

Can you post a link to yours apps on Google and your apk that you are trying to upload


Btw, since you are in this thread that has to deal with import keystore, so you must have done something with your keystore in that case.


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