How to verify email address using email verification block firebase auth

I looked everywhere on the forum, couldn’t find anything. I don’t know how to verify user’s email address using the ‘verify email’ block. Nothing on the docs too. Now users can sign up with their email and password, but I cannot verify their email. They are added straight to my firebase users without any authentication. How to fix this? I know now how to use SMS OTP verification, and users can only sign up after they enter the otp. How to make email sign up like this?

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I am also working on that, and yet not working for me, lets see if anyone here figured that

I need a solution to this urgently. Can’t anyone provide a solution?

wait doing somehing

Alright, I am waiting…

ok wait i have to tell you that in my solution user will be created after that we will send him link

Uh… I want the user to be signed up only after he/she verifies the mail id… why is this so hard with kodular? Guess I have to stick to SMS OTP verification…

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i think if there is a option to delete user then also we can do this

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Anyway, please tell me your solution.

Sorry for solution after 13 days​:joy::joy:

Check this extension this extension have delete user block and read it docs

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