How to ZIP files? πŸ€”

Can we ZIP/compress files
And also convert ZIP to normal files?
Is there any extension to do this?

You can use file component for that.

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You can use the File component which has Zip and Unzip methods.


You can also use ZIP.exe for that on pc

I was not aware that kodular made apps can run on PC :joy:

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That’s not funny. I have made my app Health Care app on pc only and published it to kodular store through my pc

Don’t take that seriously :slightly_smiling_face:
I was just saying that if he has to use PC apps then he has a lot of choices available but he want to zip/unzip files in kodular.So suggesting PC apps does not make any sense (at least in my opinion) :wink:


Yes, but please change these inconsistencies (absolute / relative paths):


See e.g. also here:

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Sometimes I think I am the only one whose extensions has most of the bugs but probably I am wrong :joy:


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