How do I save the SoundRecorder component files in numbered order?

ofc, yours also.

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That’s the error…You need to make a new variable which is a boolean or make this variable a boolean if you don’t use in some where else…By setting it’s value on initialize to false…

Yes of course :+1: :grin:

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Ehm, now it gives me this error again: “ERROR 802: Cannot start recording: null”

Please show your blocks…

Put the start recording block at the end of your procedure…

Should I insert the “.Start” block of the SoundRecorder component at the end in the procedure block?

Yes, you have…

It always gives me the same error.

The File component uses different paths (relative / absolute) for methods (blocks). In this case (File.Exist) the relative path is needed:

I have mentioned this many times, e.g. here:


this would be perfect except for the second "not’’

Didn’t understand you :thinking:You can use the quote option so i can understand what is the point you are talking about?

Nope it should be false.You can see here:

That is a for loop that will check if all of the files that is recorded by the application is exists ( not deleted )…If it exists it will set the OldFileFound to false…Else it will set it to true…Set saved recording to sound{number} so if a file deleted it will be replaced and break the loop…When the loop end it will check if OldFileFound is equal to false…If its equal to false it will save the file to the new name…And increase the global number variable by 1…
Don’t forget to change the path in exists block to your file pathes…

Because if it is true.The file will be saved with the current number, else, it will be saved with the next number, hope you understand me :wink:

I do understand you :dizzy_face: you said if it is false it will be save with the next number but your block says ''if it is ‘‘not’’ false. that is what does not make sense to me. well, i tried :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nope my blocks says, if it’s not true
In another way that means:
if oldfilefound not = true

so oldfilefound = true, I thought it was false. Never mind!

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