Sound recorder, create a playlist , play in app

Hello all,

I have searched in other topics but I haven’t found any clue for my challenge.
I am trying to create an app for recording sound using sound recorder feature. Save the recorded file name using a text box and save button/checkbox. After saving, the recorded file should dump in the playlist (List item), after clicking on any of the recorded playlist files, sound will be played(Player)

Attaching my attempt, It would be great if anyone helped me in this. Thank you.

There is bug in sound recording. error 802 cannot start recording kodular/mysound.3gp:open failed:ENOET(No such file or directory)

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Firstly you’re not asking permission correctly

See here to know how to ask permission correctly
All dangerous permission should be asked in right way

How to ask for permissions in the right way

But I am not using package utilities. Then it is not required to write android.permission.

You need.
Because you are using microphone for sound recording

Also refer @CJcorp 's comment

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It is not a must to write android.permission
Read the topic carefully. He is right that he doesn’t use Package Unities.

isit in companion error or in apk

It is a companion error.

Then update your companion

Okay I will do that and see. thanks

Did. Still it is throwing same error. Error 802: Cannot start recording: /Kodular/mySound.3gp: open failed:ENOENT (No such file or directory)

Pls help

Try this: record.apk (5.2 MB)


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Hey, this is working perfectly on my mobile.

Thanks a ton! I will try doing it this way.

I followed your blocks, audio is recording, stopped and played. When i click on the spin down option, I see something like this. I cannot select any one of it. It plays the latest sound only.

Add one space here:

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Yes, this issue is solved. thank you.
But it is only playing the latest sound and not the old ones. Should I add call tinydb store value block after sound is recorded? and store it in list? Can you throw some light on it?

thanks a ton!

Try this:

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The above change only retained the spinner elements number. But it is not able to save the particular audio with the particular number(eg 1.3gp). It is still playing the latest sound.

I will keep trying. If any thing you can add.
Appreciate your help.

Thanks this worked!
Many thanks for your help.


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