Loading text file that's inside zip file?

Well, hello. I’m trying to make my kodular project working.
basically, the file component helps me unpack the zip and then you will be able to see the unzipped txt file inside the zip in your storage, but i don’t need that.
Ïs there any way to basically just let program search what’s in the zip file and search the txt file?
Or at least unpack the zip file in the app storage/cache?
I really need to make this working as that’s the main point of the whole app…
basically it loads a custom .viz file which is only archive that contains one .json file with script in text format (and other generated pictures but that doesn’t matter). Ihen i can work with that text in the app itself and then be able to pack the .json back inside the .viz archive.
I know it’s probably really specific and hard question but i really need to know that.

This is how the archive is structured.
Thank you for any of your replies.

This extension might be perfect for you:


wow that’s awesome! thank you so much! I will try it tommorow <3
It works. And I love it!
thank you

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Hello can you help how to use that?

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