[FREE / Open Source] ZipFile - Read ZIP contents without extracting

📦 ZipFile Extension

to read files in the archive without needing to extract.

This is a Java ZipFile implementation for the App Inventor. Since it doesn’t use an external library, it has fewer options. But I thought it still can be useful for someone.

The minimum required API version for this extension is 1.

Required permissions: android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Note that this extension is for reading archives from storage instead of an asset. Because I built it in a hurry. :sweat_smile:


  • Password-protected archives are not supported as this extension uses Java’s inbuilt Zip library.
  • This extension works asynchronously.

I’m not sure if this extension will receive updates regularly as I’m mostly working on my other extension.

🧩 Blocks

📂 Download

Version 1
com.yusufcihan.Zip.aix (13.6 KB) (v1)

Looking for old releases and changelog? Check it from here.


You can report bugs, download old releases, contribute the code, and do more from the repository! The code is licensed with MIT license, as said in the LICENSE file.

You can post in topic for help, a question about this extension, or PM me anything about you want to talk!

- Yusuf Cihan


Great extension @yusufcihan :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:


Another great job !!! Thank you so much for sharing it !!! :clap:

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Great Extension :heart_eyes:

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Nice work :space_invader::love_you_gesture:

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Great Extension :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Just another great extension :slight_smile:


great extension :star_struck:
my suggestion

  1. make extension name to zip reader
  2. make .file,path to .read,path
    3.when .zip entry to when .after reading
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Hello thank you for this extension. But can you explain more how to use this? So if I previously loaded the file by calling via an asset like //exmp.txt. then using your extension means that I will put exmp.txt into zip format. how to use? Thanks

It just works for opening existing archives on storage without extracting. It can’t create new archives.

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yes ,so can u create that block also, so it will be a extension totally for zip file

Thank you, yes i know this extension for read archive. Can you make a sample block how to use ? like I want to open an “exmpl.txt” file from a zip archive “test.zip”

can anyone provide file location example!

why this is not working for me as i have my file at location in internal storage
file:///mnt/sdcard/My Phone/Docs/E-Quran-00003.pdf
please help

which Android version are you using for your tests?
for newer Android versions you might want to store the texts in the ASD - Application specific directory


Andriod 10

very helpful, thanks

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Another amazing extension from a great dev

Nice work !

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Thank you for this great extension , please make it can read Password-protected archives or reading archives from asset. Tahnk you