File path for unzip file component

hi i cant seem to nail the file path for the unzip file component i have tired /storage/emulated/0/ and ///storage/emulated/0/ then the destination folder has been /files name but its doing nothing.could anyone advise

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''target to ZIP" must also include the whole path, give it a try
Also give try to this format of path

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Thank you I will try this

Let us know is if it worked

It’s really hard to get it working, because there are several issues with the File component:

  • Sometimes the full path and sometimes the relative is used (see blocks below)
  • WRITE permission is not queried automatically (only READ), so you have to ask manually for WRITE permission.
  • Permission granted is not triggered when the app starts for the first time, so you have to reload the screen.
  • Moreover: the File component can not access the assets with the APK (works only with companion).

To check this, here is the aia ( is stored in the assets, so put it into the Download folder of your device: /storage/emulated/0/Download (Internal Storage > Download):

unzip_test.aia (3.8 MB)

I therefore strongly recommend that you use the Zip/Unzip extension and (if needed) the File extension of Taifun.


thank you very much this is very helpful and i am very grateful

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