How to grant multiple permissions at Screen.Initialize / Do NOT use "Package Utilities" (until fixed)

I found the solution / cause to (many) permission issues. It is caused by the Package Utilities component. Whenever this component is used, the screen must be reloaded to grant permission. And this is the case regardless of whether any method of this component is used or not.

Therefore, I strongly recommend not using this component at all until this bug has been fixed. See this example regarding Challenge 46:

This is now my solution (to grant 3 or more permission at Screen.Initialize):
permissions_Challenge46_new.aia (33.8 KB)
permissions_Challenge46_new.apk (5.0 MB)

Btw, READ permission is also granted; so 4 permissions are granted.

See also here:

In addition I should point out this issue (bug) in my guide “How to ask for permission in the right way”:


Thanks for sharing these kind information :blush:

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Here is the same app after adding the Package Utilities component (but without using it).
If you check this, you will find that you will need to reload the screen to get / grant permissions.

permissions_Challenge46_new2.apk (5.0 MB)

Note: You have to uninstall the previous version beforehand or delete the app data.


This post / solution is also affected by this issue (bug) caused by the Package Utilities component:


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