Runtime error... stack size 8mb and app very slow

Please help

Hi @Yhaw_Kinq,
I think,The error you are getting is because you made your app enter an infinite loop.
Probably because, after the user granting the write_external_storge you ask for the record audio permission, when it’s granted, you again ask for it and so on :dizzy_face: As far as I know, trying to ask for a granted permission fires the permission.granted event, too.I would suggest you to use thus method for asking for permissions one by one:

Also there is an extension here :

Another possible error is that maybe there is a problem with your ad configuration or the user internet connection,etc…Which made the component fire the ad failed to load event when you try to load, it isn’t a good practice, to try to load again, and it fails again , so you try to load again, etc…

Also, if you want to learn more about StackOverFlow error, and it’s possible reasons see here:


Thank soo much

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This is often the cause. (I didn’t look at the blocks)


Please check and help me out

You need to share all block so we can see what is worg.

Thats all of them

You’ve marked post 2 as the solution so what else do you need help with?

you already received the answer here


the solution is to add an if statement there

if permissionName = WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
then ask for permission RECORD_AUDIO


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I was recently with this problem when I used app and the internet went down. So analyzing all the blocks the only thing that could cause the looping error was the admob that kept trying to load. I put an “is connected?” and solved my problem.

blocks1 blocks2