External storage is the default storage

Hi everyone,
I created alot of apps that required additional downloaded mp3 files after installation.
The app works perfect when the user installs it on the device storage and the default storage is the device storage too.

But unfortunately when the user sets the external SD card as the default storage, the app is installed perfectly but the app doesn’t play the mp3 files
Tried using Exo player and Taifun Player

What I need is how to set the path of the player files to read from external SDCard.

Please note that the files path is

so after setting sd card as storage what will be default folder for mp3 files and are mp3 files exist in that folder?

There is a standard folder in the internal SDcard:

So how did you create this folder?
File:///mnt/sdcard/android/appfolder/mp3files/ (this path will never work)
which is the same as:
(should be: file:///…/Android/…)

see also eg here:

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I actually set the path to

But how to read files from external sdcard of any android?

most of the components are not able to read from the external sdcard…
you can try using the correct path…
to find out the correct path to the external sdcard you can use the file extension and its AvailableStorageDirectories method

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The Player component / TaifunPlayer ext. (probably also ExoPlayer, not tested) can play from (read) from external SDcard, see here:

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