How use barcode excluding QR code

Hello dear community. One question: my application should read barcode but if it reads QR it generates an error. How can I configure the barcode reader to avoid reading QR and allow only barcode reading? Thanks in advance!!

Welcome Oscar,

It will be difficult to help you if you do not tell what the error is don’t you think? :wink:

If I understood correctly, he wants to make a barcode scanner app but if the user scans a Qr code instead of a barcode it should throw an error.

Since qr code is also a type of bar code so it will be quite difficult for him to differentiate between both.


Correct ONT!!

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Thanks Peter for your comments, I admire the work you have done and are doing at KODULAR.
My application is programmed to read barcode and then search related information in a database in Firebase. If by mistake the user reads a QR code, it returns a RUNTIME ERROR Invalid Firebase path: // … (END APPLICATION), this is because the QR code reports a website and not a numerical value -> EAN
I am thinking that I should validate the code format before sending the query to firebase … Thanks very much!

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Did you try this

Thanks Boban! Excellent extension

You could recalculate the 13th number of the ean barcode if you are using that to make sure you scanned a barcode.

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