How will the visually impaired use kodular

I am blind, I didn’t know that blind people can use kodular. Because the ability to write code for the blind is very difficult and takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, the supporting technologies are not accessible to those environments, making it very difficult for me to learn programming, so I decided to choose kodular to implement my project. However, Kodular cannot work well with NVDA and this will slow down my project completion. I believe everything will be fine when the accessibility department and accessibility product manager will be there shortly. I believe NVDA will be essential when using kodular. Thanks.


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I want it to be more accessible to the visually impaired. Although, I contacted kodular but they turned a blind eye to what I said. I find accessibility very important so that assistive technologies can be fully compatible with them. Currently, I am using NVDA screen reader and I am having a hard time when NVDA cannot help me in using this tool. I know, the developer community uses kodular a lot but I am the first blind person to use them. I realize it needs to be resolved immediately and make it better for people with disabilities. I hope all my questions will be answered.

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Hopefully Kodular will be able to implement this but there’s no guarantee. They usually work on fixing bugs and adding components that lots of people need.

Your idea is great.
I made software to help visually impaired people.
But he didn’t use screen-reading technology.
The teacher typed or copied the material and inserted it in the database
The visually impaired software spoke what each key did.
F3 - read lesson on math functions
F4 - read logarithm class
and I also took the module for the student to take the test.

I used a ready-made library that spoke in Portuguese the text I sent to It.

I think talkback is very suitable for reaching out to my application. However, accessibility components are not built into kodular. Accessibility APIs are very rarely required by nature. Is there anyone who is a visually impaired developer using kodular to develop their project? I hope you can answer me.

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Does talkback not work?

Sorry, this is just a difficulty for the visually impaired when coding. I myself want to contribute to the blind community and I want to assert myself by conquering new technology. Somehow, visually impaired developers can work with lines of code. I’m sure, they are fully qualified to work like everyone else and I hope kodular will change this. I know it is very difficult to learn programming for the visually impaired because there is no IT training course for blind developers in Vietnam. So I missed my chance all this time and I believe there will be blind developers joining this issue for me to understand more about them. Thanks to the immediate difficulty, I have come to kodular to satisfy my passion. I believe, there will be a place for everyone to work together. Thanks.

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Can you share how blind people can conquer the world, how they can code, how do they learn to code? If you are a sighted person, have you ever met blind developers? This theme is great and kodular can work well with NVDA or not is thanks to their improvement. Thanks for your sharing.


Maybe you can ask here at the app inventor community.

I also found this

But I don’t think it’s about the components.

But from IDE.
The IDE outputs sound:
“You are in design screen”,
“In component menu”, “over component text”, “drop Component text”

At the last blockly summit there was a demonstration of using blockly for the visually impaired.

This was just a proof of concept but not fully developed.

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I tried with MIT App Inventor and I noticed they have a place to help with anything related to accessibility. However, that’s not what I want. What I want here is a professional application and it is highly compatible, can replace MIT App Inventor, kodular has done it excellently. They are always up to date with the latest that android has developed and they take great care of their users. However, those who use assistive technology such as screen readers, magnifiers, etc. cannot use and manipulate the kodular project environment. So, I need a change to suit everyone including blind people like me so that the application development time will be saved. I know google’s android studio is very good but it requires you to know the code but coding for the blind in Vietnam is very difficult. I see, there are a lot of visually impaired developers who have made a lot of great contributions. I hope kodular will be the thing that changes the way people can develop mobile apps as they please.

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App Inventor is already working on a some things like is shown in the topic i linked to. After App Inventor releases this it maybe could be merged with Kodular. But that is for the devs to decide.

I personally see, if your problem can be solved for all the visually impaired developers in the world, then this I am very grateful and I always support what you have contributed to our disability community. In Vietnam and around the world, very few people know about NVDA, jaws, narrator, voiceover,… I think, there should be a document dedicated to people using assistive technology such as screen reader, magnification, etc. … basically, kodular’s documentation doesn’t really care about accessibility and it’s hard that blind people can’t use them properly. I need a specific solution to help visually impaired people access components in kodular. I hope you will agree with my opinion.

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You’re super confident! :smiley: I hope you’ll get a better way to develop apps with Kodular.

Maybe an extension (for browsers) may make it easy…?

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As I mentioned, perhaps the ideal would be to help with sound / audio about each block, parts of the IDE, events (when we fit one block in the other, explain "you have fitted a text in the text property of component text1) and other aids through speech / sound

When the mouse is over a component, it must warn that it can drag and when it is dragging it must warn that it is with a component and that it can now release. But, how to define the layout? It is complex, I have already taught a visually impaired class. And in terms of blocks, how do you know where to place one block in the other?
It’s complex …

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You know, microsoft power app is a great tool for amateur and professional developers. This is the new technology trend this year, it is no code and low code. So it saves time and effort for middle-class programmers and people who want to have an app for themselves. It is itself compatible with assistive technologies such as screen reader, magnifier, … so that the visually impaired can use it. You know, Microsoft is very interested in accessibility, so they invest a lot in this area. I myself was very surprised when using it, the compatibility with screen readers is very high. You can find out for yourself about it. I see, it’s Microsoft’s optimization to bring technology closer to everyone, no matter what they are. As long as they have good capacity, it’s fine. However, the reason I don’t use Microsoft power app is because the community supports very little in Vietnam and some other reasons. Currently, I am using the NVDA screen reader produced by NVAccess. It doesn’t work well on certain times. As for Apple, their goal is to put accessibility first and they think that integrating with disability is a priority because the need for access to technology for them is very high. I know they also send engineers to teach programming to blind students in the United States. I’m in Vietnam so I can’t attend this class. Apple and Microsoft both have the same goal of helping the visually impaired in particular and the disabled in general to conquer the world, master technology, and gain access to programming. They always create opportunities for others to help people like us be treated more equally. To remove barriers to disability around the world, making them digitally accessible. Google and Samsung have changed things that blind people can’t even dream of. They can use smart phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, etc. However, even I don’t believe that people like me can code, that’s proud. Regarding the solution to make kodular accessible to blind people, I have not found any solution yet. I hope, everything will be resolved well, I hope you can find a suitable solution. I myself have been researching accessibility and assistive technology for many years but I can’t quite understand how kodular works with screen reader because it’s really inaccessible. I personally like to use kodular because it can extract the source code to save the text on github. This is what kodular has done that other platforms cannot do. I really admire that. This makes it possible for developers to save the source code so that it can be convenient to develop or update the application later. At the same time, if they want to make it open source, they can too. What do you think about thunkable? What makes it different from kodular? In my opinion, being able to drag and drop code blocks with the mouse is not possible for the visually impaired because they use keyboards and screen readers. This is difficult as you can imagine. But this is the truth. Is it possible to arrange the sound for each code block? This can only be experienced by visually impaired people to realize what kodular needs to do to improve. I hope you can understand the problem. Only when the visually impaired have used it can they voice their ideas. This is my first time using this platform and I don’t know what to do. I believe we will solve this problem.

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I know that blind people can code and there are many blind people who can develop websites and mobile applications. However, the problem they face here is the design of the graphical interface, ui, ux, gui, cui,… they have a hard time controlling everything because drag and drop is impossible. Screen readers by nature can’t access it, for me kodular would be a viable choice at the moment. Therefore, I think you need to come up with a specific solution so that the screen reader can work with it. I know that NVAccess will not participate in this discussion because they are outsiders by nature. THEY are not google or apple, nor are they the founders of kodular. This will bring things to a standstill and it will not be taken seriously. I need a lot of accessibility related things for it to work with NVDA in the near future. Hope you can give me your opinion.

I know this because the software I made, only worked through the keyboard (tab key, enter key and other keys to which it assigns Functionality)
F1, ctrl f1, shirt f1, alt f1 …