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I switched with my app for our company from appinventor2 to kodular.
The most steps are working properly but I can’t fix one…

I build an app to scan material in our warehouse and send the list to a small php webserver, the webserver then generates a invoice.
The problem is, only 10 items in my “List View” are post to my php webserver…
After 10 items the post just includes a “…” at the end of the list.

Is there a limitation to max 10 items for posting?

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Found out even in appinventor2 it just sends 10 items of the list?!
I’ll have a look again and check it…

Show your relevant blocks

Show your php file

What are you using as a backend, or are you just using php ?

Have you tested through a browser or postman / cURL ? Does that give the same result ?

Backend is just php itself, nothing else.
Postman works as expected, a whole list as value could be sent and processed by my php script.

I wrote a test app and test script to show you the problem.
And I found out the list itself is the problem, so my blocks doesn’t contain a list view.

$article_list = $_POST[“article”];
file_put_contents(’./log.txt’, $article_list);

And the log.txt includes:

The aia file for testing:
testapp.aia (2.4 KB)

  1. Not sure if you need the web header ?
  2. I usually build my PostText as a string, using the join block. I know it takes a bit longer in development, but worth a try ?
  1. It works without! I’ve checked that.
  2. I’ll try it…

But the workflow should be right or not?
It’s weird that it cuts off after 10 entries…

I build my global “article_list” with a string and join blocks, now its working like a charme.
But I didn’t understand why the list breaks after 10 entries, makes no sence for me…

If I can find a moment, i will work up a test to see if I can see why this happens with a list in posttext. Good to hear you got it working.

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Where ? In the event?

Or in the test block above?

In your test aia example, try replacing the list building block and data buildRequest block with these:


I believe you had over-complicated the building of list and data.

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