Bad Arguments to add items to the list.... (with a difference)


When I change the variable to an empty list - I get nothing. No error but no list either.

When I heave it as a string I get the [empty-string] error???

Any Ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Are you getting response content from the mentioned url? First check with that

yes I am because the Bad argument error shows tghat it is pulling back data.???

Not like that. If you get response content it will work. Do one thing remove all the block from web got text. Just use one label and get response content in it to cross verify

Dont use this Double item (my suggestion)

Try like this

Man , use Join :+1:

Ok, let me try that…

still nothing shownig??

Did you cross verify, that web1 gives you any response content? If not whatever blocks you use you cont get anything

When web1 got text
Set label text to call web1 JSON text decode json text get response content

Did You check Data1 ?
Use , “Do It” in Data1 Block
< br > Br is just to break lines. You can put a comma.

Ive tried to use “Do It” bfr but I dont know how. im not using the simulator. Mine doesnt work for whatever readon. Im compiling, installing and testing everytime:-(((

Oh… Why don’t you use that link in any browser ? If it shows you any reply it , the link is valid if not you need to check your web url

So , use your imagination :
Use a notifier and show the contents of your data1 variable

I’m getting another error that says

Invalid list of pairs and then gives me all my data in the error???

I hope you are not getting any data from the web that why you are getting such error.

I got it

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He needs to try … understand what is returning in Response Content and how the lookup pairs Key works …

Yes… I did the message thing and its getting data?

fantastic, care to show me your blocks


blocks(16) blocks(17)

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