I am getting this error . Why? Bad arguments to Select list item

I am working in my app .
When I add spreadsheet component and do some blocks.
Then I exported my app and tested.

It says -

Thanks for your answers

Search in comunity : ”Bad Arguments"
There are dozens of topics about this error. Read it and see what your solution is.

Okay, I will do

And show us your blocks…

I think that the component don’t work correctly because I have a project that the last week worked perfectly and now doesn’t. And I haven’t change nothing.

Wait I am sharing blocks

Show your Blocks Related to every Select List Item Block.

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Same goes with me too.
7 of my Precious Projects are Showing Errors which never Exsisted last time i Edited them.

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Did you Read the topics ?
Bad Argument to select list item

Let me test a method that i learned from typescript, if ok then i will make a guide if success to bypass this type of errors from

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sorry for late answer,
here is my blocks

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If you read this error, you can see that ,[*empty-string*]

But the select list item need a number for index. You put an empty string there.
Show your block.

blocks of next screen

When you get that Error.
As Soon as the Screen initialize ( what i think )
Or when you click CardView

here is the screen shot of my spreadsheet property -

when screen intialize

Can you try this -

Instead of passing loop_number to index of select list item to set Dynamic Label Text,
In procedure pass two more inputs title and subtitle which is required to make list and use them.

which blocks i need to add.
please clarify

blocks (1)