Huawei app gallery - application problem

I try to put the application in the Huawei store and I still get a virus message. Can it be improved?

Message content:

Dear Developer: We have detected that your app carries the “a.gray.inventor.a” virus. Please fix this issue. If you have any question, please send an email to [email protected]

The same as:

Just tell them they have it wrong when they think it contains a virus. It is a false positive.


Yes, I wrote to them. I’m just afraid it won’t work. : /

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do mnie


Dear Developer,

Thanks for your reply. Please find a scan result of your app Radio PL Pro C101166559 on VirusTotal below:

This is the scan result of the latest version submitted. As you can see, the virus “A.gray.inventor.a” is still detected.

We have contacted Tencent regarding this scan result and they have provided some additional information. The virus is detected because some malicious behaviors have been detected in the scan:

Sending SMS without user’s permission:


Blocking SMS messages:




We would recommend removing App Inventor related components or using a different tool instead.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Best regards,

HUAWEI Developer

Are you planning to change anything? You can still not post anything in the Huawei store.
Still the same error is reported.

Answer from Huawei:

Your application to release Radio PL Pro 8.1.2 (appid:101166559) on AppGallery submitted at 13:24:22,January 04,2020 has been rejected.
Reason for rejection: [Description]: Your App is detected to carry virus: a.gray.inventor.a. Please refer to the rule 2.1 of “AppGallery Review Guidelines”: Document [Test Environment]: Wi-Fi networking, Android9.0/EMUI9.1(P30), Multilingual environment. [Suggestion]: Please check the apk file, code, third-party SDK or others to identify it. Then delete the contents which carry virus and resubmit your App for review.

Are you using Texting component in your app

I do not use.
I put the application into the tests without anything, without any components - the same effect.
It’s a kodular fault that adds something.

That is why I am asking if it will be finally corrected.
After changes it will be possible to publish in the App gallery.

Go to MIT AI2, create an app, upload, see what it says

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I’ll check it

I think the Kodular developers should be tagged here to see what are their thought on this?

I’m not really sure what we can do about this. It seems Huawei doesn’t like the Texting component however with the way App Inventor is designed all components are packaged in an app even if you don’t use them.


Maybe you can do something.
This will expand the publication market.

Such as

Btw, did you try what I suggested

Yes it is the same.

Wasn’t MIT App Inventor working on a version that includes only the needed components in the apk? I think I saw a post about that long time ago.

That was a long time ago. I think that discussion was on the Power Users group.

I asked Evan and he said he doesn’t know of anything about that. I was sure I saw that but can’t find it. So you remember that too?

Yes i seem to remember to. But not sure about the PU group.

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Maybe it was a thesis from someone. I remember now seeing a website with images of how it should work.

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Probably the developers of appinventor will have to change the way of creating the apk file.

Currently, you can’t publish only to the Xiaomi and Huawei store. More manufacturers will arrive soon.