Publish issue in MI store showing detected virus

I am shocked, when i saw my kodular application was showing virus . any solution

First, kodular doesn’t contains viruses…
Second, you can also see another topic on the same thing:

Third, Maybe you can elaborate more like saying which extensions, apis, etc… you use… what’s your app is about?

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Is your app is an earning apps…Earning apps are considered by anti viruses as a virus…Also, earning apps aren’t allowed in kodular…

This is a multiple app contain shopping sites, Flight booking, some cricket sites also

Is it a web viewer?Also does it contains ads?

It’s a gray.inventor

The probable cause

Since neither App Inventor or Kodular can do anything about that, you probably need to do some stuff manually, I say probably because no one bothered to try and upload apk I provided in that thread…

yes, web viewer and contain some ads

It’s not legal to put ads on a web viewer that viewes websites that aren’t made by you…It’s acceptable that the anti virus consider the app as virus…You must create an app that does not contain ads with a webviewer…

i don’t know actual cause

if i will remove ads , from web viewer, can they allow it and
can i publish it in play store , can any issue occur???

Yes you i think…Also is your whole app is a webviewer or some screens only?

Then never put ads under a webviewer…And try to publish again…

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