Hyperlink text become white

Hello , i am trying to add hyperlink to my text. but the text becomes white. why I don’t know. I enabled HTML format & clickable

<p>By continuing,you agree to our <a href="https://fastvai.com/landingpage/tc/">Terms and Conditions</a> and <a href="https://fastvai.com/landingpage/privacy/">Privacy Policy</a> </p>

Insert your text between <u> and </u> just like
<u>your text</u>

label text color to blue

maybe i guess :thinking:

i got from here

yes. it will be blue. i check the preview in wcschool HTML. but in-app it becomes white

Try to use span and enclose span in <a href=


<p>By continuing,you agree to our <a href="https://fastvai.com/landingpage/tc/"><span style="color:#ff914d">Terms and Conditions</span></a> and <a href="https://fastvai.com/landingpage/privacy/"><span style="color:#ff914d">Privacy Policy</span></a> </p>

why your reply doesn’t come fully

span.txt (259 Bytes)

same result. but that was showing exactly in companion

Can u add a new label and on click, set activity stater… and bla bla bla…

Try using font color like this cause I think Kodular uses html4

<p>By continuing,you agree to our <font color="blue"><a href="https://fastvai.com/landingpage/tc/">Terms and Conditions</a></font> and <font color="blue"><a href="https://fastvai.com/landingpage/privacy/">Privacy Policy</a></font></p>


The best way to do this:

  1. Use a label and set it to clickable, write the desired text and your desired color.
  2. Now take a Activity Starter from Connectivity.
  3. Now in the Action tab of Activity Starter, write android.intent.action.VIEW
  4. Go to block section and set activity using Data Uri block on clicking of the label.
    Done :+1: :+1:
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if i have two link in one text then?

Thank you. working now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .

how to do this for two link in one label. how can i detect

Maybe this extension might help

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