[FREE] StyleTextUtils Extension - An extension for styling text

StyleTextUtils Extension

Hello everyone, Today I’m launching my second extension StyleTextUtils. This extension is used to style the text on the following components

Label , Button , Datepicker , Timepicker, Checkbox , Switch , Textbox , Radio Button



Event raises when any clickable text is clicked. The component parameter returns the component on which text was clicked, text parameter returns the text which was clicked


Sets part of the text clickable, color parameter sets the color of the clickable text, linevisible parameter specifies whether an underline has to be shown to clickable text

component_method (1)

Removes all the formatting applied by this extension

component_method (2)

Sets the line height of the component

component_method (5)

Sets the custom typeface for the text based on start & end position. The font parameter specifies the font typeface it has to set for the text.

component_method (4)

Adds a bullet point to the text of the component. Radius parameter specifies the radius of the bullet point, gapsize parameter sets the distance between the bullet point & the text. The color parameter sets the color of the bulltet

component_method (3)

Gets the text from the component based on it’s start position & end position and blurs it. The value to be blurred needs to be entered in the blur parameter


Please Note

  1. If the Clickable property of label component has been set to true, then the TextClicked event won’t be fired as the whole label will be clicked
  2. RemoveStyling block even removes any html tag added


  1. Label component already has the clickable property option so what is the use of SetClickable block of the extension?
    Ans. The SetClickable block only sets a part of the text clickable whereas the in built clickable property of label sets the whole text as clickable, for example you have an app in which you can tag any user by @username and when the user clicks on @username then the user profile opens. So using the SetClickable block you can make the @username text only clickable instead of the whole text

Download latest version 2.0

io.soham.styletextutils.aix (8.0 KB)

Previous Versions

Version 1.0



Thank you @Sumit1334 for helping me create this extension and thank you @Shreyash for your super Rush


Great one… Especially that clickable part and typeface is attractive one… :+1:


Thank you @Still-learning :grin:


Nice Extension @Soham_Shah


Woow nice @Soham_Shah

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Thank you @Jishnu_Vardhan_Reddy and @Wimas_Rathnayaka

Also if you like the extension please do like the first post​:blush:

Thanks for this wonderful extention.
I’ve been looking for a similar thing for a while, and I haven’t found it very useful.
But I have a question.
If I have a 300-word text, for example, will it affect speed when using this dynamic commpents, and will it work or not?
I have another suggestion. I think if he’s not in this extent, it’s going to be useless to me.
Which is that instead of specifying a text by its place in the text, it is chosen by each word which means that it can work with each item
Thank you in advance, and I hope you understand what I mean because I use the translator.

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I haven’t tested it with such long text, but I don’t think it would take time or lag for a 300 word text

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Just now tested it with 402 words, and it didn’t lag or take time

Can you make the clickable by word, not the place?

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Seems a bit tricky but I’ll try to add it in the next update


I don’t have words, Really a great work of @Soham_Shah :heart:

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Thank you @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki :grin:

But you have a like to give. I believe that if you really liked the extension then you must like the topic​:wink:. Just my thought.


Version 2.0

Version 2 of the extension is out now :partying_face: :partying_face:

New Blocks

component_method (7)

Gets the end position of the word in the text of the component

component_method (6)

Gets the start position of the word in the text of the component

How it Works

Original Text :

so when we use the GetStartPos block it returns 1,20


When we use the GetEndPos block it returns 9,28


If your text contains multiple same words(greater than once repeated), then GetStartPos & GetEndPos will return String in the form pos1,pos2,pos3 and so on in the format position, next position

When your text contains multiple same words and you are using GetStartPos & GetEndPos blocks you need to use it in a similar way :point_down:


Download Version 2.0


Thank you @Abdo_Saad for suggesting this idea


This is an excellent extension, :grinning: :+1:
When I test on a new app though, I am getting an error with two blocks.
On the SetTextBulleted there’s an error and doesn’t work for me, and the BlurText also did not work.

Thank you :grin:

could you post the aia here if possible, or you could pm me the aia, i’ll check and revert

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I sent a pm, thanks! :grinning:

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