I Am From India My Parent Card cannot Allow International payment how buy any option

My Pareent Card not allow international payments how buy premium membership

Help me

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Kodular will ad PayPal also for payments wait for it

Ok but how you got premium user badge :thinking:


Pay With Paytm Payment Bank Visa Card

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Then what is the problem?
You can always transfer money from your parents account to paytm payment bank via UPI.

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Extra ₹80 Charge on international payments $3.50 + 1 dollar charge Total $ 4.50 per month

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How to get visa card in paytm?

Complete kyc to paytm get a visa card

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Kodular premium is working?

You can also get visa platinum card for free and instantly on fampay , fyp , junio these are best try them and tell if it helps

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9 posts were split to a new topic: They are not even responding to premium users i got premium account

Fyp card not accepted I try please help me to buy premium account I will pay you

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hello my card not supoort kodular premium help me

Check Your international usage on your card

From paytm app ,in payytm bank section but for only full kyc user

Means we can buy kodular premium with fampay card

You can easily buy premium yourself with your parent’s or someone’s ID card. For that there are many apps including Pyypl which allows you to create an account with your national identity card or passport. Then search Facebook or local people who sell pyypl dollars.

Then you can collect kodular premium by depositing dollars from them to your pyypl account. Moreover, you can also take it from many who provide website payment service.

Pyypl download link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pyypl

Hope you understand. :heart:

Thanks you so much