I am getting this type of problem?

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When I am writing from the firebase with space between words then words become invisible, but when I add underscore or dont add space between latters it becomes visible… Any one please help me…

When I type this in fire base it is visible :- try_not_to_be_man_of_succes…

When I type this in firebase it becomes invisible :- try not to be man of success…

Sorry for the image it doesnt allow me to upload more than 2 images…

You must add this before and at the end of the sentence: ’

Since you get values ​​in Json format

Hi @bhabishyabhattnepal welcome to community
As you are new here so spend time in reading old topic.
Use "\" at the beginning & \"" at the end.
I found this one for you:

That method does not work, at least not for me

it only works for me by placing ’

Then perform a quick experiment and I can prove why this one.
Just save any text or URL or anything to firebase with app or see already added data.
And I am sure it is in that format.

If, when storing from the application it is saved in that format, BUT directly from the console does not work, it gives JSON error in the app

And we already assaulted the topic :v

So what do you want?
I mean get data in app or use it directly from console.
And I am sure most developers want to get data in app to do something with it except some spammers and hackers who only want to store and earn with users data.

The owner of the subject at no time mentioned saving user data

Apparently he will only use Firebase for a dynamic phrase

And that “dynamic phrase” is also text ’ data ’
I wanted to tell him that it can be a solution.
My usage of some words is also " dynamic ":grin:

I tried your trick , but this happened… Now what

Thanks bro… it worked thanks you very very much…

If your problem is solved then mark appropriate post as your solution so others can find it easily.