I am not able to import screen .ais from old project In Kodular Fenix

When I select the .ais file and then import it, the screen reloads but then my imported screen is not visible. First I thought this is an error because Screen1 was the name of my Screen which I imported which already existed in the new project but when I try to import another screen, it still doesn’t work. Is there a problem in Kodular Fenix or I am the only one facing this??

Maybe: Now your project got corrupted, probably cause, something is missing…

Do you mean that there is something missing or is empty in my blocks?

What does ‘got corrupted’ mean?

I just tried to import a screen and it works as it should…

Actually, I was trying to import a .ais file that I renamed meaning that I was trying to upload a deleted file. This error doesn’t occur but still, my imported screen is not visible.