I am premium but still showing "created with kodular"


I am a premium user but my app still showing “created with kodular” in the about popup though my app was approved

Any idea why?


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Any news? Would appreciate any help

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It’s was added kodular default Popup Menu.You can use it for hide them!

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Thanks but I am going to need a better solution since I am paying customer.

Is there something I could do to remove this as we used to do before?

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Not Possible

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But I am a paying customer. I have a premium account. I should be getting an app without the credit right?

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You can remove it from designing panel but after that you wont be able to use options menu

Never got a response from the staff as I also pointed this out to them


It has always been possible after manipulating certain files, however, I have never shown how to do it and never will.