I am unable to access to kodular

when i open kodular website it only showing loading…
but nothing opening.
please help me

i have refreshed too much time but nothing help me

If you are using chrome,
Press F12
Right-click the reload button
Select Empty cache and hard reset

i have window 10 .
and here is f12 means increase brightness.
and i am not getting any select empty cache option

  1. There should be Function key(‘Fn’ text on it) on bottom down corner of your keyboard. Hold down that key and press F12 to open Chrome dev tools.

2.Now right click reload button and select the hard reset option

You can perform hard reset by holding down the Ctrl key and then clicking reload button
by Ctrl+F5.

Again, right click the reload button

not working for me

please help me
i want to create my app

Are you trying to access my.kodular.io, if so see more in this thread…