I Cannot Appeal For Approved My App For Serving Ads

Dear Kodular Team …
I Creat a App With Some Ads.So I want to Request For Approval.But How Can I request it.I Go to My Kodular then Projects…But there is no projects shown. screenshot
Please Help Kodular Team…

None project is shown.
How many projects you have ?

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may be your internet slow … test your internet speed

Click on My projects

5 projects i creat Dear

How about trying it on PC and not on mobile

Same problem mobile & Laptop.

@Kodular can you take a look at this…

Unfortunately, I can’t help you anymore, the staff has to take a look at this

Thank So Much. :blush::blush::sunglasses:

Please send in private the email address you are trying to use

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After this period you will be able to send approval request.

This time will start from when you last time edited your project.

Don’t edit your project during this period, otherwise this timer will reset.

Is it true?
I remember that it start from project creation time
Did Kodular change the system?

Yes, that’s true.

If you edit your project then approval time will reset and it starts from last edited time.