I cannot export apk file

I don’t founded nothing here in community that to solve this my trouble.
Here is my .aia of my project. please, I need its to my job.Helpme.aia (63.7 KB)

Welcome to the community. Since it is your first post see below post on how to ask a question in the community. What error do you receive when you try to compile your app ?

Kodular updated four compilers so no need to worry. Keep on try

You had a project within project. Try this and it will work. Also I noticed that in your assets you have google-services.json but you do not use firebase authentication. If not need it you can delet it

Helpme1.aia (60.9 KB)


Thank you very, very much. I would like to understand only what was my error in: a project within project. But it is solved, and i am thankful!

Instead of importing an extension - aix you imported a project - aia

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Thank you so much again! A great hug from Brazil for you, dora_paz!

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