I cant import the aia file after exporting and expanding it

thanks for resolving my last query and deleting my post also cuz that included aia file of my project.

now my point is that i exported my project as aia and deleted the project mistakenly from c.kodular.io and i converted the downloaded file to zip after which i uploaded the req. assets and when i re-edited it’s extethe downloaded file to the downloaded file it to aia file format from .zip to .aia when ever i upload my project back to kodular it shows this is not the correct project file.

help me cuz i mistakenly deleted it from c.kodular.io so and edited the main file which i downloaded from the kodular server. and now when ever i upload the edited file on my computer it shows

ERROR REPORT 3 it shows that this format is not spported. ut as you can see inelow photos this is .aia extension.

this is where you canactually see i am uploading .aia extension of my project after editing it.

ERROR REPORT2 it shows server error, it may Be due to network.

You should not manipulate files in any way if you don’t know how


Complementing what @Boban said, at a minimum you should know the structure of an AIA file


The structure of an Kodular aia file is somewhat different from a App Inventor aia files.


yes i know the structure of .aia file, so i exported it cuz i was supposed to upload 225 images of country flags so i exported it and placed all files( .png) images in assets folder however, when i compressed it, converted it to aia this error occured !!

How big are those images

If it says this, then you did something wrong

If it takes to long time to load and it gives you server error, then either your aia is to big or your net work is to weak

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