I cant parse json.. please Help

This is json Url
json stucture
Screenshot (10)
I want these data from each number

What I Have tried



Thanks In Advanced


It seems that your procedure have some problem. Show us the procedure block as well.

I’m new to Kodular, and recently I’ve been learning how to convert a JSON string into a dictionary. In my understanding the “Web JSON text decode” method is working on a single level.

For example if I have a string like {“a”:“London”, “b”:{“b1”:12, “b2”:25}} then the {“b1”:12, “b2”:25} value is considered a “string” value with key “b”, so I need to call again the “Web JSON decode” method on the {“b1”:12, “b2”:25} string in order to convert it into a dictionary.

I’m attaching a sample showing my test.

procedure is ok… i can get value from airtable.

Read this ;

Welcome to the community. Thank you for your information, but I have to say it is wrong. The web JSON decode will make the list of pairs on all level.
I parse the whole JSON text in to list of pairs, and the result is:


Hello @sajibskr000,
I found the error.
After parsing to itwms_all, it is a list contain 3 list.
after walking all at level, you will get a list contain 1 item. You have to give the index (which is 1)
Therefore, in list by walking key path, add 1 in the middle of the list.


Thank you for your follow-up. So the output of the “Web JSON text decode” is actually a list, which might include other lists and so on. Then in my use case the correct code is as attached.

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