I can't remove multiple items

I can’t remove multiple items

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Instead of this block(for each item in the list block) use one label and get the global temp value then you can find the mistake what you have did


  • check how you created the list.
  • check your For Each loop
  • check your block Remove.
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testes.aia (3.6 KB)

Did you check what I posted above?
Did you check the blocks I mentioned?
Did you check the “list” parameters for these blocks?
Did you check the layout of a list? What are elements of a list within another list?


Your list of indexes to be removed has a size of 3.
Make a for each to the size of your list or use the counter you created at the beginning of the block.
Use the remove block inside the for each and remove each index using the list of indexes.

Why don’t you try like this,

Removed b


Removed a


You are filtering and adding the value into another list then removing that list. But i have tried in a way such that If it not contain there itself removing the value from the list…

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Yes I know. In your example you are selecting the indexes that interest you to be deleted.
Did you try what I showed you?

I didnt get you, sorry. If you follow the above method it will remove like that only… You are using number system but we are using using each item text block then why do have to worry?.

Is the method i showed you is not filtering as you expect?

Yes, but it is not working

I need to remove multiple items.
Because of having item a, b, c, b …

In this example I need to remove the item a
then save the list to tinydb

Did you see the picture,?
In method 1, i removed the b value alone so the result list is a,a,a
In method 2, i removed multiple a so the result is b alone shown in the text box…

is to remove, not add item to

but it can have item a, b, c, d in the list.

Then update the list

I beg your pardon… I am not clear. I tried it based on the topic. But it seems more than that you are expecting it seems.

1- do a for each 1 until the counter
2- delete, from the main list, the index of the list of indices
for each 1 to 3
loop 1 - delete index 1
loop 2 - delete index 2
loop 3 - delete index 4

Does not work ???

Inside for each …

no remove

Please , check your “list” Parameters.
Did You check ?

sim não remove rogerio

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What did you do differently in these parameters?