I cant send my app for approval

Hi guys and ladies.

I’ve got a problem…

A few days ago i send my app for approval for show ads. My app was reject.

Now i fix my app and i want send for approval again.

The problem is that i cant see the button for send for approval:

I try send email for support but… .Support email dont work…


Any idea and how i can fix it? Thanks!

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You have to wait for monetization because your project had been rejected by kodular so you have to wait for sometime and resubmit it again

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Also you can read this


Kodular team is not responding on this topic.
My app also has not been approved. It is more than a week since i submitted my app for approval.

Your topic will be unlisted by @Peter . He also closed and unlisted my topic.

If you are going to publish your app on playstore then you don’t need kodular’s approval for monetization just add the ads and when your app goes live on playstore and you install from there, you will see the ads.

Yes you are right but if user installed the app from apkpure or from other platforms like galaxy store slide me etc or some one is share your app thought share it to his friends then ads will not show

Yes right!
In that case the only thing we can do is like wait for many days until you get approved. :sweat_smile:
My 1st app took more than 20 days for approval and from the community i got to know that we can publish on playstore and ads will be enabled.

Thanks a lot for all !

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