App Approval Rejected : How to Fix?

If you have received this type of mail that means your app is rejected for monetization (Ads) approval from Kodular.

Common Reasons for Rejection :

  1. Low quality content : your app contains very less functionality or content used in app is of low quality which is not sufficient to get approval.

  2. Policy Violation : You have violated policies by using

A) 3rd party content/material in your app which does not belongs to you,
B) 3rd party assets,
C) Other app name, logo or trademark,
D) Earning apps or games,
E) Web view apps which contains 3rd party sites that you don’t own,
F) Improper Ad placements.

Apps that can not be monetized :

  1. Earning Apps or Games,
  2. Web Browser Apps,
  3. Web viewer apps which contains 3rd party sites that you don’t own,
  4. Gambling Apps,
  5. Apps with minimum functionality or low content.

How to Fix ?

  1. Check that your app does not belongs to above mentioned apps,
  2. Your app should have enough functionality.
  3. Make changes in your app that may violates policies and submit again for review.

Still Rejected ?

If your app is still rejected by Kodular for approval then don’t worry. If you think your app is fully compatible with the play store policies and doesn’t violate them, then you can use below block to load ads.

Whenever you want load any type of ad, use if then condtion to check is it installed from play store. (You will found that block in device utilities).


This block will prevent showing this approval pop up :

That means, now your ads will be shown without approval only if someone download and install it from playstore.

If someone install it using package installer then ads will not be shown and also no approval pop will be shown.

Please note that if your app gets suspended or rejected due to policies violation then you are solely responsible for the loss.

If your app is already published on the Play Store then no need to take approval from Kodular.

It is always recommanded to take approval, if not approved then you can go with this method.

Happy Koding & Earning :wink:


One thing you missed is that your request must be submitted in English - we cannot review your app if we cannot read it!

I’m going to link our full guidelines here as many users don’t seem to be aware of them :thinking:


Your “(Devie_Utilities1) -> (AdMob_Banner1)” is not working, please help!

my app is already on google play and still won’t show ads

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did you sent it for approval before publishing to play store?

Apps published on Playstore with automatically show ads without monetization approval but if app installed from other source then app must be approved for monetization by Kodular to show ads.

This will help you ;

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