I Copy A screen But want to delete

(Twink Studio) #1

I copy my screen and wanted to reimport the screen but i get the error. commponent not found and the screen name has the name import25656 (not the right nummber). I cannot make any changes if i open this screen. I sent the report a bug to the server back.
I want remove but error occurred what i do,my whole project screen in them…

(Cian) #2

I think the bug still exists.

Here is a workaround,

(Twink Studio) #3

but i import screen but when open imported screen it show bug,there i cant able to do anything
so how i delete that screen from my project?

(Cian) #4

You might have to do it maually. Export the AIA and delete it and then reimport it. Use the same technique that is discussed above.