Screen Import BUG (copy and paste wont work)

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I copy my screen and wanted to reimport the screen but i get the error. commponent not found and the screen name has the name import25656 (not the right nummber). I cannot make any changes if i open this screen. I sent the report a bug to the server back.
I have a wrong name for the screen and i read that i should copy the screen and paste the screen. But this wont work for me.

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This happens to the whole builder, meaning it’s everyone who has this problem.

To temporarily fix this issue:
• Download your AIA
• Rename filename.aia to
• Upzip the folder
• Find the screenName.bky and screenName.scm
• Copy & Paste them in the same folder
• Rename them to a new screen name while keeping the .bky and .scm at the ends
• Open a text editor (Find the screen name you just copied and pasted, if you copied screen1’s BKY and SCM, then find screen1)
• Replace them with your filename now, which you shouldve changed on Step #6
• File > Save
Now goto where you can see 3 folders, if assets included, if not then only 2 folders will be shown. Highlight all 3 or 2, and send them to a compressed zip folder. After that then rename them to your projectName.aia and delete your project on Makeroid, then import your new one.


Thanks for that. That will help a lot. I hope. You sshould pinned this MSG that more ppl see that.

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