Unable to rename screens

If I click on the “edit” symbol next to a screen nothing happens. A window to change the name should show up.

There’s not actually a proper way to rename screens. One way would be to use the Copy Screen feature to copy the screen with a new name then delete the old screen.

Actually, I think there is a way.

Remember that Screen1 is set as first screen, so rename correctly the files
Keep a copy if this fails…

Just follow these steps :

  • Export yout project as a .aia file.
  • Change the extension by rar or zip.
  • Extract the archive
  • Go to the folder src/io/makeroid/…/projectname/
  • You will see your screens with .bky and .scm extensions.
  • Open these files, search the name of your screen and rename it as you. Be careful to rename every words. For example, as you can see and the image, Screen1 is present multiple times.

    After you’ve done that, rename also the files with the same name you set in the files.
  • Repack the archive.
  • Rename as .aia
  • Import on Makeroid

And done !


But there is a button to do, then it should get removed

The button “rename” is for the components, it doesn’t apply to the screen

And why do you want to rename your screens? Nobody can watch their names. Except if they decompile your APK.

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