I couldn't run my gif any help

Dear all
i need to display this image but i couldn’t i try all avalible extention

Have you tried Create GIF animated. Extension ?

this not play the gif image

Split the GIF https://ezgif.com/ then use the extension.

dosn’t work with me i need help

Show us what you have done so we can troubleshot. Please provide more information to be able to help you quickly .

this was my first test not workig as

MyBestApp(1).aia (2.0 MB)

my second test
te.aia (1.5 MB) blocks(1)

i need support please

any help or support

Try com.KIO4_AniGifK.aix (para Kodular)

te_2.aia (808.4 KB)

the attached aia not opened if you please send my the blocks

I notice in Android 10, after I granted the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, I need to restart the app so the extension works.

What i did was to convert .gif to .png on internet… then i play the .png images with a clock… its that simple

could you please share the aia

Here i split the gif in multiple images… Split GIF image in frames

then i did this and with the clock you can change the speed of the animation

prueba.aia (355.9 KB)

Good Luck!

thanks for your help and support it’s working well

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why its take some time until load any ideas for that

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