i-CPU - Get All Details About Your Device In One Place



You should add features to check the sensors of the devices,Although its a Good App

(Vishal) #42

can you try on different device. check if the same error comes or not.

i have disabled the isDataEnabled option from the app. according to the error screenshot you sent i think the problem is with the data connection check.

Download APK - iCPU.apk (5.7 MB)


Unfortunately,I don’t have any other device. But I will try, If I can get one (of my friend) tomorrow.
BTW, on which device are you testing at present? Android version?

(Vishal) #44

i am using Honor 9 lite. to see all details about my device check the screen shot of the app on top of this page.

(Drafat) #45

me too same prblm

(Vishal) #46

@MeteorCoder can you take a look into this error, i think its from the - IsDataEnabled option from your Host extension. i am not facing any issue but some other developers facing this issue so can you tell me what is this error and do you have any solution for this.


Hey! It’s working fine now without any issues! :+1:

(Vishal) #48

good to know, i think the problem is isDataEnabled option from the Host Extension,

and i am very happy that it works for you and we finally successfully searched the issue , feels very good at new year… ha ha

HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way to all the developers who work very hard.


Yes, this might be the cause of error.

And yes a Very Happy New Year :tada: :tada::tada: to you and to all Koders!

(Nathan) #50

I’ll take a look anyway.

(Pablo A. Rod.) #51

You can take a look at how others apps deal with it and do the same.
I think it is just make it clear to the user and take care on the Content rating (not sure about the name because I am from Brazil and I don’t know how Google call it it in english, bug I think you will get it), but I am not sure about it.

(Vishal) #53

New Update - 7 Jan 2019

  • App name changed to i-CPU [Thanks for voting everyone]
  • Camera Test
  • Screen Touch Test
  • Check Available Sensors
  • Sound Test

Download APK - iCPU.apk (5.7 MB)

and @Vaibhav, @nikhilbobade27, @wapeur2 can you guys pls try this app again to check Cell Network section error

and @pavelalam401 i have added the sensors availability check option also, thanks for the suggestion

Thank you for the help.

(Nikhil27B YT) #54

@techcvr heck package name I can’t open this app

(Nathan) #55

I can’t open it either

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge on Android 8.0.0

(Vishal) #56

looks like i am facing the type of problem given below, and i didn’t find any solution for that, still trying different method to solve.

if you have already found a solution then kindly share it with me.

(Vishal) #57

i think the problem is fixed, thanks to @7StarMedia post - My Kodular app doesn't seems on device after downloaded

New Update - 8 Jan 2019

  • Fixed App not open after installation
  • min api changed to 21 from 19

Kindly Try New APK (@MeteorCoder & @nikhilbobade27 ) - Download APK - iCPU.apk (5.7 MB)

  • uninstall previous one if you have any and clear the app data also before uninstalling.


App crashing on Android 5.0 with the message
‘Unfortunately iCPU has stopped’

(Nikhil27B YT) #59

Working on 6.0

(Pablo A. Rod.) #60

package name? What is the relation between one thing and the other? I have a similar problem:
Which only started after I uploaded on Google Play but may be it solve my problem too.

(Vishal) #61

Thanks for testing and Reporting guys…