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(MeteorCoder) #62

How’s my favorite app doing?

(Vishal) #63

:smile: Working on new update…

And i wanted to ask you something… Is it possible to remove sms and call log permission from your extension… I am planning to publish it on playstore but sine playstore is very strict about there rules for phone permission.

Or if you know any process to upload these type of apps without removing call or SMS permission, then plz let me know.

(MeteorCoder) #64

My extension don’t look at your Call Log or your Text Messages. Try another extension or component.

Google Forms, apply. Search Community, Google Forms, Apply, Done! :joy:

I’m working on at least 3 different things:

- Hosts Changelog :yum:

& Amplify?

(Luca) #65

Hi everybody,
is the app available to download somewhere?
Not found in play store and the links in the topic are not working (at least for me)

(rbnet) #66

Hi Luca,
try this:

Read more here:

(Vishal) #67

No, its not available right now, but will be after some days.

thanks, i have updated the app link above. You can download now.

(Luca) #68

thanks for letting me know…

I have downloaded and tested it, nice work…
I have noticed that the dialog box for system labels for Build ID is misaligned in case Kernel version has long text.
(I will provide you my screenshot later on…)


If u used api level 19 then solve it

(Vishal) #70

there is a extension problem, and i haven’t updated it yet. After the update it will work fine