I created a messenger type app with attachement, how do i make it so that they can hold the image and save it?

I tried everything and it doesn’t work.

Kindly show what have you tried…
You can use download component
Or screenshot component
Or Component to image extension [free] <need? Search for it>

If you are using chatview then there is a block named when chatview clicked. Use it and check that message contains image. If it contains image then use download component to download image.

And if you are using image component then there are two blocks for click named when image clicked and when image long clicked

How to check that massage is an image… please send some blocks

Just look at chatview blocks and you can find it easily.

Can you please tell me how can I send a message as url
I mean when I send a link as massage then how can I click on the link… it is not working now

Do you know HTML??
If yes then use href tag.
If not then,

   <a href = "https://community.kodular.io">Kodular Community</a>

Sorry bro … I don’t know how to use it in app. Please help me by sending some detailed information… please please

What I can suggest you?

  • Try something yourself
  • Learn some basic HTML
  • Look at existing chatview projects
  • Finally search on Google

And I think we are going off topic.
So please open a new topic.