Problems with sharing images

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the “sharing” function of Kodular, I am making an application with some images and I want the image to be shared when clicked, I tried the “sharing” blocks but a message appears saying that It is not downloaded to the device (the image).


Which image you are trying to share? Show your blocks

you have to first download the image, once download is complete then you can share

Thanks, here there are 2 images, i’m beginner in Kodular, i don´t know what to do in this case.kodular_2

The first one, Santa Claus hehe

I have seen tutorials but the problem is that you do not want it to download because it has to be on the device and each device may have a different download path.

  • if image is offline then you have to provide full path of that image, then only sharing component will pick that image for sharing
  • if image is online then you can =
  1. first download the image and then share it
  2. use this extension image loader there is a block called “extract cached image” use that that block to first extract that image and then use it in the sharing component to share

@AlanGnRivas try using //1.png as path.

Try by searching the community for Search results for 'share assets' - Kodular Community


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