Images sharing problem

The error comes from contain text piece block. Were images created dynamically ?

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Yes I did, but no results

You are calling the component in the contains text block, that is wrong as per your logic, but instead call dynamic ID of the component. Because your ID inly contains the text images

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Do you set images as clickable or cardviews ?

I made the image clickable

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Ok because if images aren’t set to clickable you won’t get component

Also in the number field (from procedure) you have called directly the I’d that won’t work. You need to replace the text, and it should return only number. See to that par also

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@Still-learning Still-learningur @dora_paz see this

gredd_Screen.ais (17.5 KB)

What are the extension you are using in this project?

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sorry, may be dora mam can help you. I do not have those extensions… Without that extension we cannot upload it into out database… else download aia, leaving this screen alone dele remaing screens and send to us

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@Still-learning gredd_Screen.ais (17.5 KB)

Try this, haven’t test it (blocks are draggable)

yes, this is what i mentioned, this block will work

not working :no_mouth::no_mouth:

share your demo aia, then pls

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gred.aia (414.3 KB)

why are you using this logic, May i know?

none of your image url doesnot have such name//

Also you have to buttons download and share ? If you use those two why do you need also when image click ?

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