How to share images using sharing component

Hey there!,
i was trying to share image with sharing component.
i was able to share using this path

i want to clarify that will it work in all kinda devices?

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Sharing from assets can be an issue. You should look at

it will work only on your development device, because you can’t share files from the assets of your app
for this you first have to copy the file to the internal sdcard and then share from there
the file extension can help you to copy the file…


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i already tried that but when i test or export apk it was showing an error that file path not found…
can you please share that how to implement it?

thanks @Taifun!

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Show the blocks please

yes @cian

here it is

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For development your path is correct.


the file download.png is stored in the assets of your app?
if yes, read the documentation of the Copy method about how to copy a file from the assets


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how to share multiple images same time

ZIP the files first and share the ZIP file.

thank you :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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How to ZIP file
Please​:tired_face::pray::pray::heartbeat: tell


Thank you dear friend