Permission problem

I have sounds on asset. Iplay them. When the user long click on them they will be shared. I used taifunfile and sharing components. What iş the problem?

You should use full permission name.


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You can not share assets (with the sharing component).
You must first copy them to the external storage (eg: storage/emulated/0/Music) by using eg Taifun’s file extension. App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps

For this WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is required.

So ask for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE at Screen1.Initialize instead of READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
Note: READ is automatically granted.

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Could you please post images of blocks by right clicking in the block editor and there choose Download blocks as image.


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Hello everyone. I saw your messages but i have just made changes. So it working thank a lot. But now monetization iş not suitable . So i can not upload my app ti play store.

I got this mail ten days ago.