I don't understand the response from the occr server

Hello to the community,
sorry if the answer has already been given, but I have not found it or not understood.
Here are my blocks, and here is the response from the server:
the specified path is indeed the one of my image.!
Thanks if you can find the time to help me.

The response is in json format. Use Web component - call Web.JSON text Decode block to decode the given JSON encoded value to produce a corresponding Kodular value


JSON format but it gives you error message

Ok, now I went through the JSON block and the answer is https.

Thank you very much for you help !


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Oh… good. Keep going on.

I am really too bad !!
I turn around.
Here are my blocks now, and here is the answer.
Which of the 2 “ocr” blocks should I put, please?

Sorry to bore you.
Could someone show me some ocr blocks, to request an analysis of a picture on the phone, please?

this will help you


I believe the problem is cause by ocr.space. Most probably servers are down


Thank you. I tried.
it does not work. However, if I go to the ocr.space site, their servers are working.

Really do not know what causes the problem, try again later and see :slight_smile:

The problem is also that I have no idea which blocks to put in and how to fill them.
Do you have a concrete example, please?

Now it’s working and below you will find an example of how to set your blocks

already advised to refer this link to the user mam… But still he is facing some problem it seems… :thinking:

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Thank you for your time, but I do not understand the translation of the response you send me.


your paths don’t seem to be valid file paths…

I would try /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/...
and: file and directory names are case sensitive…


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However, this is the path indicated when I ask for the details of the file.
But should you put the “upload image …” block or the “Get text from yes url of the image” block? (the file being on my phone.
Thank you again for your help!

as you are uploading an image you should use the first method, see also the documentation OCR - Kodular Docs
using the second method does not make sense in your case, as it is for URLs


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Thank you very munch for yours reponses and the time you give me.

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